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The Art of Healing With Nature

In most cases, healing naturally is not an overnight simple fix. It is a long-term commitment to you. Natural healing, in part, is a return from conditioned thinking patterns many modern cultures are steeped in toward a harmony that is sometimes forgotten in our daily lives. It is not easy, but I promise it is worth it.

Ads Promising Instant Natural Cures…

In my experience, we have become a culture of instant gratification. Often we seek to fill voids in our lives or cure our depression with temporary material purchases. Unfortunately, there are people in areas of natural health and spiritual services who sometimes target that by offering to cure what ails you right now for only $19.95. Predators are very well aware of human tendencies.

If anyone on our social media accounts should ever attempt to message you or respond to you offering a quick fix for a fee, please report it immediately. Trust your intuition when making decisions about investments. If it feels too good to be true, it probably is.

Some Realities…

Here’s the thing: Happiness, wellness, and balance cannot be purchased at least not the sort that lasts. Yes, there are tools we can use in our healing journey, but these tools are only able to help if we are also engaged in helping ourselves. It is certainly not instant, but you are worth it.

While we’re at it, let’s briefly talk about dis-ease and healing with nature. Healing with nature in all of its many forms (mental, physical, spiritual) is a journey. Offerings made with our plant allies such as tinctures or salves work in harmony with our bodies to heal over time. These tools in some cases may not feel instant or strong if you are used to how pharmaceuticals feel.

Insights offered by tools such as Tarot, dreamwork, spells, shadow work, meditation, energy healing modalities, or our guides help us increase awareness for our focus. Are they effective? Yes. These tools are all helpful, but we must still do the work.

Healing in harmony with nature helps us learn about the root causes of the symptoms we are experiencing. As we grow our awareness of root causes, we have the opportunity to make changes that lead to better health over time. It empowers us. This is key. People helping you on your spiritual journey in any capacity should not make you dependant upon them. Instead, they empower you to heal yourself.

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