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Blue Lotus Connections

The Blue Lotus (Nymphaea Caerulea) was commonly used by Egyptians as a metaphor for re-birth/creation. They connected the color to the spirit of water. It was often used as medicine and in ceremonies. It is believed to be an ally that helps us to connect with the divine. There are many ways to work with this ally and experience the benefits it is thought to offer. Soon, we’ll be offering it as an herbal tea along with lavender and rose.

“On the path of self-realization, there is no one big awakening, but many along the way of varying degrees: some small, some big; and each one of them is like the lotus flower, which grows out of muddy waters.”

– Ora Nadrich

Let’s talk about the benefits…

Before we get into this, I am required to say that while Blue Lotus is legal in every US state except Louisiana, it is not FDA approved and neither are any statements you may read here. Always check with your doctor before using this or any other natural item. Please see our FAQ page for more information. And now that we have that out of the way, here are a few of the benefits this ally is known to offer.

Lucid Dreaming
Blue lotus tea is known for helping with inducing or enhancing lucid dreams. Most people use it in the form of tea to do this. Making the tea is the same as any other loose or bagged herbal tea, but when working allies such as this one, it helps to set intentions first. I heard that about 30 minutes prior to sleeping, setting your intentions as you prepare and sip this tea will enhance your journey with this ally. I am not telling you to do this, I’m simply sharing a tidbit I happened to overhear.

Blue Lotus is steeped in history about its aphrodisiac effects. in this aspect. Egyptians and Mayans were familiar with this little benefit. You can read about a supporting case study here. There are two components found in Blue Lotus, apomorphine and nuciferine. The nuciferine is the focus of these studies.

Sleep & Relaxation
The same two components mentioned above are also believed to help promote relaxation and sleep. There are some studies about the role apomorphine may play in this (1, 2). Although it is well known for its relaxation effects, more research is needed to confirm the science behind it.

  • Antioxidant (3)
  • May Reduce Pain & Relax Muscles
  • May Help Regulate Urinary System
  • Eases Menstruation Cramps
  • May Help Alleviate Stomach Issues
  • May Help With Depression

Can’t Touch This

So, who should not use this? Blue Lotus might lower blood sugar in some people. If you take prescription medications to control diabetes, do NOT use this. It might make your blood sugar go too low. Do not use this in combination with other sleep aids such as Nembutal. Do not drive or operate machinery. Insert all other required warnings about things people should not do after working with an ally that could make them relaxed, happy, or drowsy here… Ahhh, legalities.

Connecting With This Ally

Blue Lotus has a very earthy flavor as tea. Most people use one teaspoon of the flowers to a cup of hot (not boiling) water. If you use boiling hot water, that may make the tea taste bitter and probably won’t offer any additional benefits. Allow the tea to steep for at least 5 minutes, 10 minutes for the most benefit. You may also want to add a little honey as a sweetener.

Some people also enjoy adding these flowers to wine. If you try this, most people suggest using a merlot or a Pinot noir. In general, the common ratio used is 1oz of Blue Lotus to one bottle of wine. It helps to remove about 1/2 glass of wine from the bottle and grind the flowers a bit before adding them to the bottle. Once the wine bottle is filled and corked, place it in the refrigerator and shake it a couple of times a day. After 3 – 5 days, your wine will be infused and ready to be strained.

There are people who enjoy smoking Blue Lotus. It pairs well with mullein, mugwort, and other herbal allies. Anecdotal information seems to indicate that smoking this ally intensifies its effects. It has been compared to marijuana, but as with anything else, the effect may vary from one person to the next. A very limited quantity of select blends will be added to the store soon.

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