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New Moon Manifesting Ceremony

When creating moon water for you, there is a great deal of planning because the ceremony or ritual involved needs to not only charge it with intent, but it also must reflect balance so its resulting energy serves the highest good of anyone who may choose to work with it. Below is a very general ceremony for manifesting with the energy of the new moon.

There is no one set-in-stone perfect way to do this. The important thing is that your ceremony holds deep personal meaning for you. Below is one suggested way to do this, just know it is not the only way. Gather a few sheets of paper, a pencil, and a white or pink candle.

  • Cleanse yourself and any tools you may use. Some people find that a salt bath works well, while others prefer a smoke cleanse or both.
  • Create your intention. Bring your full attention to your now, this present moment. Think about what you wish to create, and how you wish to grow. It’s helpful to incorporate the energy of the moon into your intention such as curiosity or connection. This is not required, working in harmony with the energy offers an extra boost. It is important to make sure that your words are empowering. Words are powerful, those we use with ourselves even more.
  • Once you have set your intention, spend some time making it real. In your mind, heart, and being, know that the intention you have just set is already your now. What emotions will this create for you? Serenity? Inner peace? Security? Do this until you feel and are connected to the emotions. More information about this is included below.
  • Express/release gratitude for the realization of the intention you set to any energies, higher powers, ancestors, or guides you may choose to work with according to your path.
  • Some people find it helpful to cleanse once more to close out their ceremony with water and/or a smoke cleanse.

Here is another way to think of it that may be helpful. In school, most of us learned about the basics of physical alchemy. At a very high level, this is the art of turning one thing into another usually more desirable thing – transmutation. Think of a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. Remember a time when you held a solid ice cube and noticed the heat from your physical body transform it into a liquid state.

This process of creating intention can be thought of as the alchemy of energy with intention. Example: Current state emotion to desired state emotion to gratitude for the reality that is. In my experience, the key lies in the ability to connect with and direct specific emotional states with intention.

Gratitude is mentioned several times for an important reason. Think of a time when you were really busy and someone asked you for a favor out of the blue that would mean an even more complicated day for you. How easy or difficult was it to set a boundary by saying no? Now think of a time when someone asked for a similar favor on a similar day, but this time they connected with you emotionally and expressed gratitude for your help. No matter how you responded, it was probably more difficult to say no without some very strong reasons.

As always, this is based on my experience only. It may or may not resonate with your path. Please take what helps and leave what does not. There are many ways to connect and work with energy. Please share your experiences and preferences in the comments so we can all learn and grow together.

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