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Our Story

Vibes is a little dream that started with a tiny seed.

Hi there, it’s nice to meet you! We offer handcrafted natural products and services that are designed to elevate your frequency and enhance your spiritual well-being.

Our herbal product offerings use ingredients that are sourced directly from our chemical-free gardens located in Danville, IL. Our seeds are sourced exclusively from Strictly Medicinal Seeds located in Williams, Oregon. They offer organic certifications and help to promote the growth of at-risk plants.

Each plant ally is lovingly cared for, harvested responsibly, and only with permission. No chemicals are used – ever. We also offer spiritual aids ranging from flower essences to dream aids to flying balms. The majority of our offerings are seasonal, although a select few plant allies are grown indoors over the winter.

Speaking of spiritual aids, we also offer a selection of personal Tarot readings. If you have been curious about the Tarot or just thinking about trying it, there is no time like the present. The Tarot offers clarity, an opportunity to identify patterns, tune into your intuition, and become aware of opportunities for improvement. It is a unique investment in you.