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Questions & Answers

I’m having a difficult time with ____, can you recommond an offering that will help me?

Unfortunately, no. I cannot offer any advice because anything I share may be construed as practicing medicine.

Can you tell me how I should use the ____ offering?

I can share resources about how other people have used offerings you will find in our shop. I can tell you that the experience of benefits varies for both quantity and frequency of use between people. In my personal experience, it is best to start with a very small amount of any product and make adjustments based on your personal experience. I cannot tell you what will work best for you.

Can you tell me if ____ offering will interact with any of my medications or other products I may be using?

Please consult with your physician. I cannot offer advice about any potential interactions.

Where can I connect with others who have used your products?

Please visit our page on Facebook and join the group to join the community.

Where can I find seeds, plants and advice to begin my own journey with natural healing?

Please visit our resources page that will be updated as often as possible. You’ll also want to visit our blog for more information. As time allows, this is where you’ll find recipes, book recommendations, tips, and more.

I am experienced in natural healing and would love to share some information.

Great! Please consider becoming an author contributor.

Why do you grow ____ plants? Aren’t they toxic?

Every sentient thing that has ever existed has the potential to heal or harm, including humans. I am an advocate for plant diversity and further research to learn more about how our diverse allies may help us heal individually and collectively.