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Energy 201: Alchemy

Let’s talk about the alchemy of energy. The information shared with you here is solely from personal experience. Your experience may be different and if it is, please share about it in the comments. You see, I tend to think of this experience, this journey we are all on as a school of sorts. Each one has a unique learning experience and when we share those experiences, we all have the opportunity to grow from that.

When we talk about alchemy here, it is not in the literal sense. Instead, it is something that happens within. Something that you create. Much like anything else, this is a muscle and muscles get stronger with practice. You do not need to purchase a single thing to work with this muscle. All you need is a willingness to believe in yourself as I believe in you. Know you can and you will.

An emotional recall exercise is a great place to begin. Why? It can serve as the basis for spells, manifesting, ritual work, and the everyday mundane. The steps you see below are meant only as a place to begin. Over time, you’ll discover an approach that works best for you.


The information shared here has helped others who were beginning their journey to learning meditation, energy work, mindfulness, and more. In my experience, it helps to create a good place to start. It is something I still sometimes use especially after a stressful day to help set the stage for a meditation session.

Find a time when you will not be disturbed for at least 15 to 30 minutes and a quiet, peaceful space to use for this. When you enter that space, let’s do a little prep work to ensure that we’re only in the present moment.

Find a comfortable position to sit or lay down. Close your eyes. We’ll start with some breathwork. For each breath inhaled, see a beautiful white light filling you and healing you. For each breath exhaled, feel any muscle tension, pain, or anything bothersome leaving you. Know that the greater universe or whatever higher power you feel called to will heal this and express gratitude for that. Do this until you feel fully relaxed.

Now, at this moment, you will not need any of the stresses of the day to try to tag along and pop in at inconvenient times. So let’s put them away. In your mind, create a box. Make this box have a very heavy lid, one nothing could ever escape from. See the empty open box in front of you.

Look inward. Has there been an argument with your partner, maybe a stressful day at work, or a long list of things to get done stressing you out? One by one, take each worry or concern and place it in that box. It will be right there when this is complete if you choose to take it back. For this moment, it is not needed. When you feel that all of your concerns have been placed into the box, see the heavy lid close tightly. Take a moment to experience feeling lighter and breathing more easily. Then turn away from the box. We won’t need anything in there for what we’ll be doing.

Recall Exercise I

Let’s start with happiness. Think of a time in your life, a single moment, when you felt pure joy. Maybe it was the birth of a child or mastering a new skill. Whatever it is for you let’s revisit that memory. Tune in to it until you feel the same level of joy in your right now. Spend a few moments sitting with the intensity of this emotion.

Now, slowly back away from it, just a little bit, just enough to feel the intensity of the joy decrease. Stay there for a few moments. Then move back towards the moment until the full intensity is there once more. Repeat this process a few times. If it does not work well for you at first, it is okay to pause and revisit this exercise. It takes time, patience, persistence, and practice. This is a muscle that takes time to develop and strengthen.

How Does This Help?

This exercise helps to build the muscles you’ll need to begin working with the alchemy of energy successfully. To put this into the context of a very simplistic formula:

current state emotional energy + desired state emotional energy + release of energy = outcome

So this exercise is targeted to specific deliberate emotional state recall and controlling the intensity of that state. Practice this first with joy, then repeat this process with sadness, anger, and so on.

Intro to Alchemy

In this case, as mentioned above, we are talking about the alchemy of energy specifically starting with emotion. Once you know you have a pretty good handle on emotional recall, then we can start practicing converting one emotional state into another with both specific intent and intensity.

Recall Exercise II

To practice, repeat the prep and the exercise above. This time when you feel the intensity of joy, recall the intensity of anger. Transition the joy into anger, feel it change. Now dial down the intensity of it, then raise the intensity, and then lower it again. Continue recalling and transitioning specific emotional states until you can do this simply by deciding to call it up in any order or level of intensity you wish to.

Exercises such as this help you learn to control and change energy from within. We can further expand on this by instead turning our focus to other elements. Think rocks to sand, fire to smoke, water to steam, and so on.

These exercises require you to become intensely focused on specific emotional states and to deliberately change them to a different emotion or fine-tune their intensity. When combined with mindfulness, this skill can empower you to experience everyday life a little differently. As you build this muscle, you’ll notice it becomes much easier to become aware of your emotions as a reaction, change the emotions and your experience as desired. We’ll talk more about that in a future article.

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